I am naturally very controlling, playful, and creative, so consensual blackmail appeals to me KEENLY. Let's be clear: within the limits of your ability to pay, I WILL OWN YOUR ASS.YOUARE IN FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! 


I will control your cock, will require assignments and homework, and will choose any legal punishment that I feel necessary for disobedience or any other form of misbehavior on your part while you are My chastity slave. Training may involve hypnotically induced chastity and release; numerous masturbation sessions in any given day with sporadic orgasm denial, and other discipline sessions.

I'll give you a good tongue lashing for giving a stranger money.  How do you know you'll ever even hear from Me again?  Well, at least if you don't you'll know you did something worthwhile one day in your life, made yourself useful, pleased a true goddess with, oh, some Norton Malbec Reserve and a little bubble bath.  Not that you'll ever get to so much as pat-dry the feet of a Mistress like Myself in real life...someone beautiful, intelligent, sensually sublime.... But you will have contributed to My pleasure.

[Penelope_Silke]​ Dominatrix